Democracy for everyone.

It only takes 10 minutes a month to make a difference.

In light of COVID-19, it’s never been more important to take simple actions together in the name of the public good, so join us!
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Making an Impact Couldn’t Be Easier!​

  • Learn new, simple ways to engage in our democracy
  • Register to vote, and commit to voting
  • Multiply your impact 10x by inviting friends
  • Engage in issues you care about
  • See your impact along the way
  • Earn points and rewards for everything you do

Always on your terms and at your fingertips

Join VotePlus10


What if you could advance democracy right now, straight from your phone? With VotePlus10, you can register to vote and rally your friends in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.


We make it fun to impact democracy, with creative ways to get involved and share your contributions. Come back for more to unlock new levels, compete with friends, and win rewards.


Earn points for your actions so you can access new levels, compete with friends, and win rewards. It's a journey!

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Our streamlined interface makes fulfilling your civic duty a breeze, and our straightforward networking tools provide you with clear-cut metrics for gauging your impact.


Who doesn’t want to make a difference? With VotePlus10, you get real actions you can take to impact your community for the better.


Watch your impact grow exponentially when you invite friends and family.

“I’ve been involved in politics for years and I love how easy VotePlus10 makes it for everyone to make their voice heard.”
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Tammi Hull
“I love this APP! It makes democracy so easy and accessible.”
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Sandeep Sood
Tech Entrepreneur
"I've been involved in community engagement for nearly 20 years. I'm really impressed with VotePlus10's unique approach to democratic engagement. They really are making it fun, easy, and impactful!
Dale McGrew
Dale McGrew
Co-Founder of WeVote
“VotePlus10 is an easy way to connect across the country and energize citizens to improve our democracy.”
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Archie Chattha
Democracy Champion
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The Network Effect for Individuals

VotePlus10 empowers you to:

  • Build a personal network that engages in democracy
  • Share referral links with friends, family, and your community
  • Earn points when your network takes action
  • Amplify and measure your impact

A powerful platform to drive your group's mission!

Political Campaigns

Generate greater participation, committed support and fundraising among your constituents and their networks.

National Organizations

Empower your members and stakeholders to advocate for your cause and others.

College Campuses

Provide students with a tool to take action, share, compete, and have fun

Businesses & Nonprofits

Offer a bipartisan platform to empower social and political participation among your employees.