Bennie J. Smith for Kentucky 2020

Bennie J. Smith Utilizes VotePlus10 to Propel Kentucky Senate Campaign

Bennie J. Smith, a CDL Class A truck driver with decades of experience on the campaign trail, believes that the blue-collar workers of Kentucky have gotten a raw deal for too long. That is why he is running for U.S. Senator from Kentucky, a position held since 1985 by Mitch McConnell.

To reach potential supporters from across the state and country, Smith relies on VotePlus10’s campaign toolkit. It enables him to leverage the networks of his current supporters, driving attention to his campaign through social media, peer-to-peer organizing, and gamification. He can also track his number of committed voters, letting him know he has the support he needs going into Election Day.

welcome to bennie j smiths vpt network
Click this image to join Bennie's campaign group!

Bennie J. Smith is running for Senator as a change agent. He knows that VotePlus10 will provide his supporters with simple, quick, and effective ways to get involved, and improve their community, state, and country. If you live in Kentucky and want to show your support for Bennie’s movement, simply commit to voting for him!

Smith is proud of his career as a long-haul trucker. He knows what it takes to make it in blue-collar America. He welcomes any and all help on his campaign, especially from fellow working class Americans. You can volunteer for Bennie’s campaign by clicking the image below.

We asked Smith what led him to run for Senator, and how VotePlus10 can enable participation among his constituency and the country at-large. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m running for Senator because it’s time to make a change. The Kentucky Senate is stuck in the 1980’s, and it’s time to leave the past behind. I have a vision to create innovative improvements to our great Commonwealth, prioritizing our working class and rebuilding an economy from the ground-up. I want every Kentuckian to know that they have the power to create change too. VotePlus10 gives them an easy way to take action, all while spreading the word about my campaign.”

Bennie J. Smith

If you want to join Bennie on his journey to the U.S. Senate, join his campaign group on VotePlus10. If you don’t have an account, just click on one of the actions above. Not a Kentucky resident? No problem. Bennie’s campaign has actions that anyone across the country can complete. You can also boost his campaign by sharing his actions on social media, and following him on Instagram and Twitter.

As the election approaches, don’t forget to keep the momentum going. 10 minutes a month is all you need to make an impact!

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