Joe Kennedy III Uses VotePlus10 to Take Action!

Campaigning during this unprecedented moment necessitates creativity and reaching voters where they are: online, in person, and on the phones. Joe Kennedy III and the Kennedy for Massachusetts campaign are using VotePlus10 to provide their grassroots movement a simple and streamlined way to take actions and multiply their impact in their communities.

Over his four terms in the House of Representatives, Joe has emerged as a national figure in the Democratic Party’s most pivotal debates. From his headline-making fights for affordable health care and compassionate immigration policy to his legislative leadership on issues like mental health parity and civil rights, Joe has become one of the Trump Era’s most powerful voices for moral clarity. 

A rising political leader, Joe has seized the challenges of his generation, from his striking critique of American capitalism to his vision for a better foreign policy, his powerful response to conservative abuse of religious liberty, and his voice for climate justice. He has taken on a broken political system with calls to end the Electoral College, abolish the filibuster and reform the Supreme Court.

In Washington, Joe has shown a unique talent for building diverse coalitions and the political will to get things done. He has built an impressive legislative record in a polarized Washington, spearheading bipartisan efforts to extend mental health coverage for children and pregnant women, support our domestic manufacturing industry, protect consumer voices online, make hearing aids more affordable, and defend access to legal assistance for struggling families.

Now, Joe is running because Massachusetts needs stronger leadership in the Senate.

The Kennedy for Massachusetts campaign is currently using VotePlus10’s campaign toolkit to expand their voting base and encourage civic action in Massachusetts ahead of the Tuesday, September 1, 2020 primary.

Volunteers and advocates are the heart of the Kennedy for MA campaign and Vote Plus 10 is a great way to increase participation. Through VotePlus10, you can sign up to participate in Joe’s campaign. Shortly after you sign up, a representative from Joe’s campaign will contact you with the latest volunteer opportunities. 

In addition to his campaign-specific actions, Joe wants to encourage action by offering a series of prizes to his followers as they level up on VotePlus10. These prizes range from a Joe Kennedy III campaign sticker to a “Thank You” video from Joe! Come take action to up your chances of winning!

When asked why he chose to use the VotePlus10 platform, the campaign responded:

VotePlus10 helps our campaign meet voters and advocates where they are – whether it be at home, online, or on the phone, users can take action from anywhere. During this unprecedented time, we have to reimagine what campaigning looks like, and VotePlus10 allows us to do that.”

If you would like to get on board with Joe’s movement and bring change to Massachusetts, join his campaign network on VotePlus10. If you don’t have an account, just click on one of the actions above. Not a Massachusetts resident? No problem. Joe’s campaign has actions that anyone across the country can complete. You can also boost his campaign by sharing his actions on social media, and following him on Facebook and Twitter.

And don’t forget, a little action now can make all the difference by Election Day. Join Joe on VotePlus10 today!

Want to learn more about Joe Kennedy III and his campaign? Make sure to visit his website

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