TurboVote and VotePlus10

Voting (Finally) Made Simple: TurboVote and VotePlus10

TurboVote and VotePlus10
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Here at VotePlus10 we strive to make participating in democracy as simple, and fun, as possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with TurboVote, a platform dedicated to making voting easy!

Do you need to register to vote? Head over to your VotePlus10 actions tab and type in “register.” Our voter registration action has TurboVote’s registration tool baked right in. Whether you are a new or existing user, you can also click the image below to get started on the action right now.

We’re guessing you might need an absentee ballot too. Good news: TurboVote makes that easy too. Simply select your state, print your form, and mail it in.

Worried you’ll miss an important election? Once you create an account, TurboVote keeps an eye out for upcoming elections in your area and will notify you when it’s time to go vote, along with where your polling place is located.

If you’re a VotePlus10 veteran, you’ve probably already used TurboVote to prepare yourself for the next election. Still a newbie? Head over to voteplus10.org to take advantage of what TurboVote has to offer. After that, check out our extensive collection of actions. Each one is designed to make you as politically savvy, socially aware, and environmentally conscious as possible! Want to know the best part? They’re all super easy and, dare we say, fun!

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