Activate your stakeholders with the platform that drives real action and sharing to help lead you to victory.

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Benefits of VotePlus10 for Political Campaigns

Committed Voters - Not Eyeballs

Campaigns spend exorbitant amounts on Facebook and Google, brochures, and myriad other materials to generate page views. We deliver committed voters and real actions, not just eyeballs!

Network Effect of Your Supporters

With VotePlus10's integrated sharing and networking features, your supporters and their networks will become your most trusted resource for growing your audience and maximizing your impact.

More Fundraising

Your fundraising ask is now just in the right place for your supporters in their journey with your campaign, and easy to share and grow for every new supporter you get through VotePlus10.

More Networking Opportunities

Your supporters can easily request to host in-person and remote events with their networks, enabling you to connect with new audiences and broaden your base.

Custom Calls to Action

We'll work with you to create calls to action the drive the results your campaign really wants most. We also offer custom branding, communications, tracking, and much more – all to maximize the impact of your network.

Track Your Campaign’s Progress

Want to know exactly where your Campaign stands on the lead up to election day? With VotePlus10, you now have the data right at your fingertips.

Manage Your Network

Your Campaign will have its own profile, network, administration functionality, and referral urls, enabling you to:

  • Track key metrics to understand total impact
  • Create campaigns and unique calls to action
  • Utilize basic user information to effectively target your messaging
  • Reward active members with prizes and exclusive competitions
  • Communicate with your entire network
"VotePlus10 is a critical tool for local political candidates to make it simple for their supporters to get behind a campaign. Highly recommend this application as the tool to engage friends, family and their networks."
Max Perrey
City Council Candidate
"VotePlus10 is a game changer for Political Campaigns. VotePlus10 makes it so easy to get committed votes, donations, and most importantly leverage supporter networks to drive greater awareness and reach. Every Campaign should be using VotePlsu10."
Marc Levine
California Assembly

Campaign Supporter Benefits

Not getting the engagement you’re looking for with newsletters and paid advertising?
VotePlus10 recognizes the need to provide your supporters with simple actions and a sense of momentum, all in one.
VotePlus10 is designed to help your supporters–and organization–deliver on shared goals.


What if your stakeholders could advance your mission with three actions right now, straight from their phones? With VotePlus10 they can.


Points and levels make taking action fun and measurable, while networks and leaderboards provide opportunities to celebrate progress.


By earning points for taking action, users can access new levels, compete with friends and within your organization, and win rewards.

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Actions are designed to make it as easy as possible for your supporters to understand, complete and share them.


Who doesn’t want to make a difference and see their impact? With VotePlus10, users complete actions to help their favorite causes and get see their impact in real-time.


The best gift your supporters can give is not only to take action themselves; it's also telling their family and friends to take action to further your mission and reach.

A powerful platform to drive your mission!