VotePlus10 at Work

Empower your employees, customers or stakeholders to take meaningful, nonpartisan action together.

VotePlus10 for Work

People can’t just leave the issues they care about at home. Your employees, customers, partners and stakeholders are grappling with how to address issues like social justice, climate change, Voter participation, Immigration , and equal pay.  


VotePlus10 gives you the nonpartisan platform you need to empower your network with simple and engaging actions that make it easy for people to take action on the issues they care about most. 

Sample Nonpartisan Actions on VotePlus10

Benefits of VotePlus10 for Work

Easy Setup

You can be up and running in as little as a couple hours with a platform that can empower your employees, customers, partners, or stakeholders and become a valuable source for good.

Custom Branding

VotePlus10 can Incorporate your branding guidelines into custom landing pages tailored to your user experience.

Standard & Custom Actions

Choose from 100's of nonpartisan actions on the platform or we can help you create your own custom action in line with the interests of your organization , employees, customers, partners or stakeholders.

Promote Good Will

Taking action for the greater good is no longer tied to business hours. Your network can make a difference whenever they want, creating new opportunities for good will.

Positive Brand Awareness

With VotePlus10's integrated social media sharing and networking features, your users and their networks will spread your message and brand as they take action.

Track Collective Impact

Want to know exactly how much of an impact your company is making? With VotePlus10, you now have the data right at your fingertips.

Manage Your Network

Your organzation will have its own profile, network, administration functionality, and referral urls, enabling you to:

  • Track key metrics to understand total impact
  • Create campaigns and unique calls to action
  • Utilize basic user information to effectively target your messaging
  • Reward active members with prizes and exclusive competitions
  • Communicate with your entire network

Employee, Customer & Stakeholder Benefits

Are you employees , customers, partners or other stakeholders looking to you for leadership and resources to help drive meaningful social or environmental action.

VotePlus10 recognizes the need to provide your company with simple actions and a sense of momentum, centralized in one place.
The VotePlus10 platform is designed to help your company deliver on shared goals.


What if your stakeholders could advance your mission with three actions right now, straight from their phones? With VotePlus10 they can.


Points and levels make taking action fun and measurable, while networks and leaderboards provide opportunities to celebrate progress.


By earning points for taking action, users can access new levels, compete with friends, rally fellow customers or coworkers, and even win rewards.


Actions are designed to make it as easy as possible for your network to understand, complete and share them.


Who doesn’t want to make a difference and see their impact? With VotePlus10, users complete actions to support their favorite causes, then see real-time impact.


Users in your network don't only make an impact when they complete actions, they also further your mission when they share those actions with friends.

Empower your employees, customers, partners and/or stakeholders Today!